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Check out our video for the Kickstarter campaign that ended in December 2014.

(NOTE:  The campaign is over so please disregard the last few seconds that reference the campaign.)


Rex Moreland

A professional computer nerd by day, Rex moonlights in the family-owned business, helping Peggy and bringing ideas like the Easy Binding Winder to life.

Peggy Benjamin

Once a hobby quilter who now owns/operates a small quilting supplies online shop, after 25 years in the automotive industry.

Hootie Moreland

Resident party animal who is the self-appointed welcoming committee to our home and business.

Boo Moreland

Resident introvert who is the self-appointed security force in our home and business, ensuring Hootie doesn't lead burglars to the good stuff.


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How is it made?

The Easy Binding Winder is manufactured in Blacklick, Ohio using a  plastic injection mold process, making the Easy Binding Winder durable, economical and readily available to you and your local quilt shop.

What we're doing now

We can bring your local quilt shop the best binding winder in the history of quilting.  Your local quilt shop can order Easy Binding Winders and spool packs for their shop through all of the major U.S. sewing industry distributors.   But why wait?  You can order yours HERE!

Our Staff

The EASY BINDING WINDER is proudly made in the U.S.A., in central Ohio.

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The Tool

The Easy Binding Winder is just what the name says - a patent pending gadget designed to efficiently wind quilt binding as it's being made.  When the binding is complete it's wound into a neat & tidy little roll that can be stored or immediately applied to a quilt.  It requires no batteries or electricity and we took into consideration every physical limitation we could think of, especially hands that are arthritic or strength impaired.

What is the Easy Binding Winder?